Your Brand New Home

Smart devices would be taking over, everything we do, soon.We’ve all gotten used to controlling our TV from the couch.For the following reasons you should bring Xavi to your home.You can ask Xavi what movie is going to play on TV in 15mins, it will show the result based of your interest.


A robust Zopim grade chat solution at a fraction of the cost which continuously keeps learning based on Agent Interactions and eventually takes over the workload resulting in significant savings on licensing & agent salary costs.


A Platform To Empower Resellers

Sellfash Reseller app has been created exclusively for Resellers to get access to large variety of quality products from verified suppliers. No more bank transfers and get high quality products at lowest price and make profit.


An Emotional Wellness Bot

Wysa is an AI-driven ‘emotionally intelligent’ bot, for mental and behavioural health. To help people deal with anxiety, social distress, career stress, body image, mild depression, loneliness and sometimes more serious issues too. It is a virtual coach which reacts to the emotions you express.

Paper to Digital

A Tool For Digital Transformation

An AI driven paper to digital document parser is able to successfully transform paper based documentation into digital with successful extraction of relevant consumer filled information.

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