Our Partners

We have forged partnerships with major eco-system players like Amazon Web Services, Nvidia, IBM Watson and MongoDb and are certified to build software products and services using these platforms.


We at Mantra Labs have built heavy duty AI Models for many of our AI driven products using Nvidia Graphic Processing Units. Nvidia Startup Accelerator Program has been key to achieving this.


We have been using MongoDb extensively for many years for different use-cases. In 2018, we formalized a partnership with MongoDb which helps us unlock much better resources and trainings which are beneficial to the client.

IBM Watson

Mantra.AI, the specialized AI consulting practice of Mantra Labs, is an IBM Watson Implementation Partner. Mantra has used IBM Watson capabilities extensively and is also aligned with IBM for AI initiatives and sales leads.

Amazon Web Services

We are AWS certified Partners and have been using AWS Infrastructure for most of our products and client services. So, a natural alignment exists between AWS and Mantra for building any new product or solution.