Project Description

Marrily is India’s first matrimonial match-making discovery App. For 21th century independent, educated and progressive Indians, it promises to be a true revolution; it lets you discover the right match for you. Installing this App helps you to meet people as progressive, educated and inclined to marry as you are. It lets you discover mutual compatibility without any undue pressure with complete privacy and flexibility. Once both are sure of taking it ahead, only then it shares details about the match with respective families. Mantra Solution: Extensive ideation and prototyping in design to create the proper workflow keeping the primary user females in mind. Complex facebook integration was done to ensure only genuine users were on-boarded. Secure connections were used to ensure that user data is kept secret. Multiple integrations with third party APIs including face recognition and SMS Gateways. Aggressively worked on updates to help the client achieve the best possible product market fit. Provided post-release support to quickly turn-around updates.



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