Case Study

India’s First and largest school sports app

EduSports works with schools to implement a best-in-class Physical Education & Sports programme. The programme is designed to offer the same rigor in sports and physical education as in academics. This ensures the children to holistically develop through physical activity and sports, in addition to focusing on improving their health and fitness levels dramatically.


Strategy, User Research, Service Design, Technology Strategy

User Interface Design, Prototyping

Concept Validation Testing, Usability Testing

"We create customized user experiences and user interface (UX / UI) for any digital product or project"

Business Goals

EduSports programmes help build ‘Physically Educated’ children while ensuring that all stakeholders (Schools, Parents & Policymakers) are involved in the process. They wanted an app to spread awareness of Healthier and Fitter children equipped with key life skills all through the magic of sports.

Research & Analysis

We interviewed our client and potential users in order to bring forth the personality of EduSport through our design. Our main focus was on bringing the most seamless and meaningful experience to mobile users. EduSports wanted us to create a platform that made the parents feel welcomed and encouraged to involve themselves in their children’s sports activities.

Bringing it together

We built a sports club booking app that puts major emphasis on EduSport’s core message of helping children grow holistically through sports. The hierarchy was handled at various levels to ensure the user journey was smooth. The options that hold more importance were put at the bottom for easy access. The app made it easier for the users to search and book sports clubs nearest to their homes.


Demo Reel