Case Study

4X increase in sales

India’s leading health insurance company Religare witnessed a surge in its business after being assisted by our product, lead management system. By capturing leads, tracking their activities and behaviours, qualifying them, giving them constant attention to make them sales-ready, and then passing them on to the sales team, Religare saw a 4X hike in sales conversion.


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Business Goals

Our client wanted to revamp their portal to enable a seamless experience for customers through an easy navigation. Certain problems like manual work, multiple platforms for single information, important tabs failing to be highlighted were faced by Religare, and it also needed transparency amongst the levels of hierarchy.

Reasearch & Analysis

As our client needed an improved lead management system to ensure smooth user experience in the website through easy navigation, we redesigned their lead management system that could easily work alongside AI. Integrating lead management system facilitates developing custom landing pages with clear Call-To-Actions and personalizing emails for various campaigns and festivals. Moreover, User Cookie Tracking from third party sites helped to solve lead attribution. The custom solution saves on licensing cost of proprietary solutions. Lead management system integration further helped in maintaining SEO that leveraged latest Google & Bing Search Algorithmic Updates.

Style Concepts

The Lead Conversion Accelerator uses AI/ML that was developed by Mantra Labs and focuses on the functioning of an Insurance company to build a system that leads to significant increase in conversions.
Certain key features are:
1. Automated Lead Capture
2. Lead Qualification
3. Lead Distribution
4. Lead Nurturing

Bringing it all together

Based on market research, we created a road map for the new LMS and designed the product after receiving confirmation from our client. After the integration, we verified the new LMS system.
Our major focus of areas are as follow:
1. To increase the Conversion on the platform
2. A/B testing of changes to measure success
3. Tweaks are done on the portal and tested to keep getting incremental wins
4. The complete Sales Funnel on the website is analyzed holistically for user drop-offs.
5. Engagement Hacks on the platform to facilitate conversion. Eg. “Time Tracker for Tax Savings”