Case Study

Redesigned automobile website for success

The SAAB is an automobile parts e-commerce website. They sell parts for all SAAB models and also provide tutorials on how to replace the parts.


Strategy, User Research, Service Design, Technology Strategy

User Interface Design, Prototyping

Concept Validation Testing, Usability Testing

"We create customized user experiences and user interface (UX / UI) for any digital product or project"

Business Goals

Our client wanted to redesign their web application in order to expand its options and services to customers by customizing their experience. They wanted their website to be redesigned to meet the demand of the new market, new technologies and a new generation of users.

Research and Planning

Before developing the Android and iOS applications for SAAB, we researched and gained insights through user personas, latest design trends and competitor analysis to provide a new customer experience and create a better online buying experience.

Bringing at all together

We developed Android and iOS applications after analyzing the SAABsite and modifying the frontend and backend of their web application. We also implemented a DevOps transformation program to help the client in delivering their unique value proposition quickly and at an optimized operational cost. Redesigning of the project helped the client to disseminate their core message and align with their target audience.


Demo Reel