We are shaping the future of CX,
with the internet of Intelligent Experiences.



We are transforming ordinary touch points into immersive experiences, for the new normal, by leveraging our senses. With IOIX you can visualise the CX journey, create fresh points of interaction using your senses as triggers for new meaningful experiences in real-time.

Mantra helps global brands superimpose  design & digital on the real world and shape the unknown.

AR/VR Experiences

Immerse your users with hyper-real touch points while transforming your product or service into powerful experiences that compels action.

Interaction Design

Turn your concepts into beautiful & functional user interfaces, bringing your products to life with our full suite of interaction design services from wireframing to interactive prototyping.

UX Audit & Research

Reap extensive research & actionable insights about your user’s behavior and the product’s usability for optimizing your UX strategy.

CX Journey Mapping

Envision technographic data-inspired personas that map your users to pivotal moments during the customer journey that reveal hidden behaviors and adoption patterns.

Mobile & Web

Create stunning, intuitive and device-agnostic experiences built to scale using the latest front/back-end technology frameworks.