We are Technology Tinkerers, Experimenters and above all - Product Enthusiasts.Building intuitive products & solutions for our delighted Clients has led to significant milestones over the last 9 years.

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Launched an online grocery store -BuyEasy

Pivoted to Services as a 20 member product team

Incubated Touchkin -Creators of wysa , one of the hottest chatbots in the World

Incubated Sellfash - India’s first social reseller’s platform

Incorporated in USA

3 offices, 150+ geeks and 100+ projects







Our Core Team

And the 100+ others who contribute every-day to make the world better through technology.

We love to Work!

Yes! The driving force behind Mantra are its team of experimenters and change agents who focus on practical applications of latest technologies to make the product that little bit better.

You will find us often having animated debates over Node vs Java or RDBMS vs NoSQL Dbs. Geekiness is our thing and we absolutely love it! Freedom at work is at the core of what we aspire to do and it starts right at the top.

Labs - Yep! We live up to that part of our name.

We take good care of our folks!

Be it project parties, team outings, or the free Coffee and Tea from CCD! We like to celebrate our life in office.

Our cricket team trains regularly while TT acts as a quick stress-buster in the midst of a hectic day.
Working late nights to get that extra done for the client - your food is on us! Women get drops to home at night and an occasional pepper spray 😉

We take our Annual Trip very seriously - be it a weekend in Sakleshpur or Gokarna - the whole company goes as one.

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