The best way to predict the future is to CREATE it.
Alan Kay

Everyone says, success of consumer internet is based on the technologies used. However, at Mantra Labs, we believe that success of consumer internet is not only based on technology but on great insight on human psychology. The average consumer does not know the difference between browser, internet, search box. What they do deeply value is the experience, whether it is a product or a service. 

Consumer internet is transforming the way societies connect, share, and do business. With 15-plus projects in this space, we have been helping our clients overcome the barriers of distance by understanding user behaviors and then implementing a robust, secure and scalable technology. We bring in more than seven years of experience and expertise in designing and developing the right platforms, which are value for money and time for you, and easy to use by your audience. Our consumer internet philosophy rests on three pillars.

User Delight

Our designers invest time upfront to understand user behaviors and then develop innovative consumer internet solutions that enable efficient access, meaningful interactions and provide trustworthy information.

Robust Technology

With our experience in different technologies, we are uniquely positioned to help you choose the right and cost effective technology for your product. We work with big data that help in making business critical decisions.


Secure Infrastructure

As we transition to large scale enterprise IT networks, concerns about security are accelerating. At Mantra Labs, we are deeply committed to this cause. We apply technological advancements to built stable and secure solutions.

Many of our projects in this space, like ZipDial, ARTregards, BlueStone, Marrily, GoZefo, ZoloMe, PropGod, IndusDiva have been a huge buzz with users. One of the clients for whom we developed the mobile marketing framework – ZipDial, was recently acquired by Twitter.


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Consumer Internet, Mobile Development

The SAAB Site

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Property Share

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The Lending Network

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Consumer Internet, Mobile Development


Consumer Internet, Web Development


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Android Instant Apps: Changing the App development Landscape

Google announces some pretty interesting things at its I/O conference every year. Android Instant Apps is one of the things that really got my attention as it is compatible not only with the upcoming Android N but also with older versions of the popular mobile operating system. Instant Apps were first introduced at Google’s I/O […]

What is React Native Framework – An In-depth Study

React Native is much talked and developers are excited about this framework. The technology takes everything that’s great about React.js and applies it to apps leveraging developers to build mobile apps on a native platform using JavaScript, enabling better application experiences. How better React Native is and what it promises? React Native renders native applications […]

With our technological prowess and user friendly designs, we have clients across India, USA, Africa and Gulf. Connect with us for your next big consumer internet project.


Fin-Tech is an umbrella term describing disruptive technologies in financial services. The traditional model of a new business turning directly to its local high street bank and/or a conventional investor is no longer the only game in town. The rise of fintech has forever changed the way companies do business. Businesses can now offer more services than ever and for a fraction of the price of what it would have costed you before. Over a period of time, Mantra Labs had developed mobile and web applications for financial systems.

At Mantra, we have been providing our clients with technological solutions for their business to  enhance their financial system. With several years of experience and expertise in designing and developing the right platforms, we have developed many web and mobile based applications for clients across domains like retail banking, lending and other financial services. Over the years we have built up strong domain knowledge in various aspects of business and financial system which we collaborate with technology.

Business Analytics

The impact of ‘R’ and SAS to build data driven reporting insights has most significant impact in financial eco-system offerings and has helped to gain competitive edge over their many competitors. With the help of the technology and extensive experience in the realm of core banking system implementations, we at Mantra Labs will help you to develop sophisticated platforms ranging capabilities from data management to advanced analytics.


We have designed and developed Payment Solutions that allows you to make secure transactions without any complexity. We have worked with various interfaces around the world which handles millions of transactions a day, have built payment gateways with multiple integrations and have launched India’s first debut wallets “Ad2bill”. We have also worked on Bitcoin mining.

One of our much talked project in Fin-Tech space is Ad2Bill. It makes your transactions secure and easy.


Fin Tech, Web Development


Consumer Internet, Fin Tech, Web Development


Consumer Internet, Fin Tech, Mobile Development


Consumer Internet, Enterprise on the Cloud, Fin Tech, Web Development

Equity Robo

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Top JavaScript trends to watch in 2018

I am trying to bet on how many new Javascript frameworks will be released each month. I think, the best developer’s game in the past 5 years. I really think 2018 will be the perfect time for learning one framework for one problem and being able to mix them without (I hope) too much issue. […]

Five Principles You Need To Know For Creating Better User Experience

The success of an app depends on the user’s experience and creating a good mobile user experience depends on good UI and performance of an app. To delight users of an app, the designer needs to take into consideration five major points while designing for the perfect execution of UX fundamentals.

With our technological prowess and user friendly designs, we have clients across India, USA, Africa and Gulf. Connect with us for your next big consumer internet project.


A world when you wake up at 6:00 A.M. and your coffee is ready for you. You get ready, and your car suggests the best route to work while you summarize meeting points in your head. Your printer knew you would need urgent prints anytime, so it reordered supplies for you a week before. And you enter home after a long day at work only to see the food is heated, ready for you to enjoy! Welcome to Internet of Things aka Connected.Everything (C.E) at Mantra Labs.

Connected.Everything (C.E) is the language of the future – objects all around us coordinating their activities. We are seeing a world where devices can interact with other devices, leaving us to do what we do best. At Mantra Labs, we are connecting not just devices but are generating meaningful and impactful data that can be collected, networked, and analyzed for business, societal and personal advancement. We understand the potential of C.E on the way we all will live and work. Hence, it is part of our key strategy to spearhead the growth in this sector. We are presently paying particular attention to the integration of ecologies and sub-systems across the universe of C.E. Our platform can integrate with 80+ partners, and work with all commonly available fitness monitors and smart medical devices. Future plans include building a Smart Pillbox which is designed by medical practitioners for developing countries and Touchstone , a panic and fall detect device, in the form of jewelry. Our experience in this domain tells us that C.E is a platform for connecting people, objects and environments to inform and enable visibility, engagement and innovation. We have identified two key differentiators for C.E platforms.

Consumer Experience

It is often a struggle to determine when and how to ensure a delightful consumer experience with interconnected products. At Mantra, we work with your consumers closely to understand their online and offline worlds.  We collaborate with top devices manufacturers to bring consumer experiences in designing, building and integrating products in the C.E ecosystem.

Secure Infrastructure

The transition from closed networks to large scale enterprise IT networks to the public internet is accelerating—and justly raising valid concerns about security. At Mantra Labs, we are deeply committed to this cause. We work with you to ensure regulatory compliance, and apply technological advancements to built stable and secure solutions.

Stay Close

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IOT Trends for 2018

  We spoke with a number of IT leaders and industry experts about what to expect from IoT in the coming year and what could be the latest trends for IOT which will dominate 2018. Following are the Internet of things trends to watch out for in 2018. 1.The IOT industry will bring a changed […]

How drones are helping the Insurance Sector

The Internet of Things is an area of InsurTech that is driving innovation, primarily with telemetry and wearables for auto, health and home insurance. Carriers are eager to capitalize for lower premiums and more personalized policies for customers. The number of internet-connected devices and sensors is projected to reach 50 billion by 2020, which will […]

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