The key benefits of iRPA

Instance ramp up and down

Faster than human pace

Manual Effort Reduction

Not Susceptible to fatigue/human errors


  • Process Efficiency: up to 80%
  • Operational Cost : up to 40%
  • Dramatic increase in Speed

How we execute iRPA

Process Consulting

Understand existing processes, Identify RPA opportunities and Optimize implementation flows.

RPA Roadmap

Across the value – chain, define the roadmap based on technology, business and operational feasibility.

POC Execution

Identify a use-case with significant business impact doable in a doable in a measurable time-frame

Full-Scale Roll-out

Based on learnings from POC, execute the complete RPA Roadmap using Agile Methodology.

Why Mantra should be your iRPA Partner


Delivered AI/ML solutions in Natural Language Processing, Speech, Vision, Image processing and Deep Learning for clients like Edureka, Religare etc.


Strategic Alignment with the industry leaders in Cognitive RPA – UiPath. Our certified Developers have been working on UiPath to deliver POCs for different clients.


Deep Expertise with multiple large scale enterprise systems and multiple integrations in Banking, Insurance, Payments and ERPs.

Back office RPA demo

A simulation of the day to day work in a back-office based system.

A human takes 3 minutes 43 seconds to execute these tasks.
The RPA Bot took 20 seconds to do the same, and efficiency gain of 92%

Sounds Interesting?