1. Test Automation

Automation & Regression testing accelerates your time-to-market.

Key Benefits

Accurate testing with Cucumber, Protractor & Automation Frameworks.

Continuous integration testing using several test data sources.

Lean tests and loose coupling of data for lower maintenance costs.

2. Performance Testing

Responsive, Stable & Scalable apps for complex usability scenarios.

Key Benefits

Remediate problems early in the product development life cycle.

Refactor code, for efficient reuse and swift product release.

Glean clear insights into product quality via comprehensive stress tests.

3. Security & Vulnerability Testing

Mitigate Technical & Business Risk by securing vulnerable blind spots.

Key Services

Cross-Site Scripting Security MISconfiguration Insecure Direct Object Reference

Fault Injection Static Code Analysis URL Access Restriction

Session Management Broken Authentications Cross-Site Forgery

Testing Tool

DUBi — 360 degree Testing Coverage

Run Performance, API & Automation tests for any platform or device-on a unified interface.

Key Features

✓ Intuitive Dashboard & Reporting

✓ Continuous Integration

✓ Platform Independent

✓ Unified Interface

✓ Highly Reusable

✓ Integrated Test Automation

✓ Multi-Browser Text Execution

✓ Data-driven BPT Support

✓ Defect, Task & Issue Tracking

✓ Batch Processing

Testing Areas

Our Expertise Spans

Stress Performance
Cloud Vulnerability Assessment
Usability Acceptance
SOA Business Intelligence
Regression Security
Functional & Non-Functional System Automation
Manual Testing


Religare saves 80% manual effort

in their Regression Cycle by using Mantra’s Testing Tool.

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