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Digital Experiences In Web 3.0

Helps businesses connect
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How Do We
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01 Experience

Experience Across Industries And Prioritizing Business Objectives

02 Expertise

Expertise With Full Stack Development Across Multiple Platforms

03 Empathy

Emphasizing Upon A Deep Understanding Of Consumer Psyche & Behavioural Traits

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How Do We
Execute This ?

We’ve promised our clients the moon & stars
And skyrocketed them to success !

two wheeler

Enabling last mile service delivery for the world’s largest 2 wheeler insurance company

Mantra Labs helped create an ecosystem of web and mobile applications for their POSP agents.

POSP focussed platform with business dashboards, access to attendance & MIS reports, performance goals & grievance forums.

B2C and B2E portals to assist with purchase and renewals

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Propelling 7x growth for India’s leading insurance firm online

Mantra Labs empowered health care insurance customers through its web app based solution

Re-imagining the customer journey in a we app with traffic of appx. 2mn user visits every month

Rebranding and complete content overhaul with a focus on SEO friendliness and clean UI/UX

Reduced bounce rate from 70% to 28%

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Building a Hospital Information System for medical institutions

Mantra Labs developed a scalable & intuitive platform used by doctors & administration

Netflix of scientific and medical content with over 30 specialities covered

One application for doctors to record, manage and analyze patient data

50,000+ doctors onboarded

Our Web Application Development Capabilities Include:




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