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Digital Health: Building Blocks for a COVID World

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been the unlikely catalyst needed to foster a 'digital everything' world. Since March 2020, India has seen a surge in digital-first health deployments.

The digitally enabled healthcare consumer is informed, proactive and above all lives in an omni-connected world. In India, the telemedicine and remote care market alone is valued at $5.4 Bn for 2020.

Healthcare providers must rise up to meet the demands posed by a COVID World - Bringing the hospital to the customer. This paper explores the recent trends in the healthcare industry and how Mantra Labs will support healthcare providers on their journey to becoming intelligent health enterprises.

Digital Health: Building Blocks for a COVID World report mockup

Digital Health: Building Blocks for a COVID World

Key Insights: Five forces shaping the Intelligent Experiences in Digital Health Future

On Demand Platforms

Deploying real-time operations, based on up-to-the-minute pricing and rating, is at the centre of any OD health services platform which will be delocalized, guided by AI/ML and will follow a 'customized-to-me' path.

Connected Health Consumer

Poor experiences exist because organizations have large silos of unstructured data, lack control over content and often don’t understand — patient profiles, journeys, and information needs.

Data-driven Physician

Healthcare professionals are finding critical clinical information through apps and engaging with medical reps digitally. At least 70% of acute & chronic disease health problems can be diagnosed and treated online.

At-Home Patient Journeys

In 2020, there are around 100,000 patients being served by home healthcare providers, in India. At-Home care solutions are also expected to be at least 40% less costly than compared to in-hospital visits.

Mental Health & Emotional Wellness

Conversational AI, both chat and voice driven, built on natural language processing and complex learning models mimic empathetic human-like approaches to reducing stress and anxiety in patients.

About the report: This report is intended to help senior healthcare executes and c-level decision makers address the critical challenges with deploying intelligent health experiences at scale.

The data and insights provided in this document features research collected via an online survey from a sample of 300+ health consumers and 100+ senior healthcare managers & executives responsible for digital customer experience operations and technology related decisions for their company, within India.

About Mantra Labs

Specializing in solving the real-world front and back-office operational challenges, Mantra Labs is AI-first Products and Solutions firm for InsurTechs and Insurance enterprises.

Mantra offers a range of innovative solutions to the Insurance value chain including Insurance-specific Chatbot, AI-powered Workflow Automation Solution, and Lead Conversion Administrator and has worked with some of the World’s leading Insurers like SBI General Insurance, Religare, DHFL Pramerica, Aditya Birla Health, and AIA Hong Kong.

In October 2019, Fintech Global recognized Mantra Labs as one of the top 100 innovative InsurTech companies in the world.

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The Digital Health: Building Blocks for a COVID World report highlights the five forces shaping the digital health future and the steps healthcare decision makers need to take in bringing the hospital to the patient’s home.

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