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Elevating Conversational CX In Healthcare

Most healthcare providers today accept the central role of CX in selling products and maintaining the loyalty of patients and health consumers. However, Providers typically struggle to elevate their CX due to lack of patient recorded information (via voice, email, text) and a 360-degree view of the customer (aggregated from clean data sources) creating disjointed care experiences. due to its low-touch engagement nature, channel complexity, and price sensitivity.

Adopting CX technologies allows HCPs to enable scale & speed, engineer new experiences, and analyze behavioral data. Within this rubric is the convergence of CX-specific tools that help understand how customer groups think & behave, and the experience of individuals.

Our research highlights how CX tools & solutions form a critical starting point for transforming simple touch points into connected care experiences.

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Elevating Conversational CX In Healthcare

What’s Inside this Report:

How CX Influences Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Providers that successfully initiate conversations, advise, engage and then close over multiple channels can potentially retain up to 7X more customers.

Customer Retention Vs. New Business

Providers who prioritised CX before the pandemic have already gained an early advantage. Mature CX organizations are more than six times as likely to exceed their customer retention goals.

Why Digital Self Service Receives Highest Share of CX Investments

The new omni-channel reality, urged on by the Pandemic, must include dynamic transaction, data sharing, communication and workflow management capabilities.

The Patient Journey & Channel Preferences

Patients, especially value being able to pick up with a Provider where they left off, and appreciate when that Provider recognizes that it’s dealt with them before.

What Tactical Investments Are Being Made in Conversational CX

Conversational CX touches all parts of digital health journeys. It extends across the entire the value chain, not just the upfront admission and onboarding process.

About the Research: To better understand the CX pulse of the industry, Mantra Labs interviewed 150 healthcare executives in six countries within the APAC region regarding their CX initiatives and corresponding key performance indicators (KPIs). We augmented this data with a survey of more than 300 healthcare consumers to hear their side of the story.

Both surveys were conducted in Q4'21, and reflect the specific experiences in these times. In this whitepaper, we discuss how healthcare CX initiatives stack up against their customer's expectations. Then, we highlight areas of interest and make suggestions for the way forward.

About Mantra Labs

Mantra Labs is a global technology development company with a specialised focus on Experience Engineering and Technology Consulting for new-age Healthcare Providers. Mantra has also been named in the Global Insurtech100 for two years in a row, for 2020 & 2021.

With a team of 225+ technology tinkerers and experimenters, Mantra Labs is building the Future of Intelligent Experiences for leading healthcare organisations such as Abbvie, Change Healthcare, Alkem Laboratories, Manipal Hospitals, and health insurers like SBI General Insurance, Care Health Insurance, Pramerica, AIA Hong Kong & Aditya Birla Capital, among others.

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Our latest research uncovers key insights for the Future of Conversational CX in Healthcare, with a detailed guide towards being a Conversational CX-driven Healthcare Enterprise.

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