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Unlocking The Next Digital Value From India's First Healthcare Ecosystem

The Indian Healthcare system is moving towards a wellness-driven model of care delivery from its historically siloed & episodic intervention approach. The streamlining of healthcare creates a new wealth of opportunities for healthcare enterprises.

The hospital industry in India accounts for nearly 60% of the overall health ecosystem's revenues. The addition of new frameworks for Health ID, PHR, telemedicine and OPD insurance will create macro-level demand beyond local in-patient catchment zones.

The basis of this whitepaper is to highlight the potential value that can be generated for healthcare providers by preparing for integration-readiness with the national digital health ecosystem.

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Unlocking The Next Digital Value From India's First Healthcare Ecosystem

What’s Inside This Whitepaper:

HCP Building Blocks for NDHE

In order for the digital health ecosystem to evolve, a minimum viable set of building blocks is being created. While the Blueprint identifies 23 such blocks, for the purposes of this whitepaper, we will explore the six most relevant to healthcare providers.

Healthcare Opportunity Landscape

The NDHE will allow providers to gain better reach to new demand pools in OPD & IPD care. Hospital Providers eager to seize early value from the ecosystem, will look to adopt API-level integration.

Data & Interoperability

The availability of timely medical information for both patients & providers will further improve the analysis of historical medical data for future use. The Blueprint lays out three Interoperability types and and the applied standards that needs to be in effect.

Choosing the Right HRP Partner

With the right technology partner, providers can—get to market faster, stay focused on the core business, and be confident that systems & data are secure and compliant. Mantra identifies five key strategic actions for providers.

Reimagined Care Provider Experience

The creation of a single patient identity and integration into the NDHE will allow providers to get exposed to new demand pools. This will help offset fixed costs and change pricing for the treatment funnel.

About the Whitepaper: This whitepaper is intended to help senior healthcare executes and c-level decision makers address the critical challenges with deploying intelligent health experiences at scale.

Our insights examine present and forward-facing opportunities across the healthcare sector validated by expert opinions from veteran industry leaders.

About Mantra Labs

Mantra Labs is a global technology development company with a specialised focus on Digital Health products & solutions, and Technology Consulting for new-age Payers & Providers. Mantra has also been named in the Global Insurtech100 for two years in a row, for 2019 & 2020.

With a team of 200+ technology tinkerers and experimenters, Mantra Labs is building the Future of Intelligent Experiences for leading health insurers and healthcare institutions such as Manipal Hospitals, CARE Health, Alkem Laboratories, and Suraksha Diagnostics, among others.

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Our latest whitepaper guides healthcare providers towards integration-readiness with NDHM, the viable healthcare opportunity landscape and what you need to know before building connected experiences for the next big wave of health consumers.

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