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Scalable, workflow-based, end-to-end cloud lending solutions for Digital Lenders.


Video KYC Bot

Digitally onboard new customers, verify KYC details, capture e-signatures & reduce fraud in real-time using a video-based authentication tool.

Loan Application Bot

Initiate a smooth conversation to capture & qualify loan applicants, reduce follow-ups and speed-up the application processing time.

Automated Debt Recovery

Offer real-time updates about repayments from borrowers. Automated reminders, generate legal documents and follow-up tracking features reduces the burden on the field collection agent.

Personal Loan App

Offer customers access to a loan and interest information with minimal KYC documentation, check eligibility and manage their payment schedules.

Investment Risk Profile Bot

Capture your potential customer’s investment risk appetite using a gamified questionnaire design and recommend flexible loan options based on their profile.

Agent-Assist Bot

Create service tasks, schedule appointments, and deliver solutions seamlessly to the customer.

Self-Service Bot

Take your knowledge base content across all possible customer channels — your website, mobile app, or even chat

Operations Bot

Manage simple workflows in HR, Operations & Ticket Management to reduce dependency on stressed resources.


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