January, 2023

Predictive Healthcare over mobile apps

January, 2023

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Table of Contents

01  The Health Tech Monthly Roundup

02  5 CX Trends in Healthcare for 2023

03  Predictive Healthcare over mobile apps

04  Improving Patient Engagement with XR

05  4 Steps to a Conversational CX-driven Healthcare Enterprise

The Health Tech Monthly Roundup

A quick roundup of the month’s latest health tech activity, both in India and globally.

  • AI-based medical imaging company, Qritive raised $7.5 million in its recent funding round.

This fresh capital will be utilized to improve cancer care, expand its footprint and product portfolio, and support regulatory approvals.

  • Wellness focussed app, Impact $600K received in their pre-seed round. 

Impact plans to build a global user base of 100 million by 2027. The startup is will also expand its services by adding activities like yoga, meditation, cycling, on-click sync with wearables, and gamified features to boost user engagement. 

  • Singapore-based Holmusk bagged $45 million. 

The company intends to deploy fresh funding to grow the database for the behavioral health industry. 

“This investment will enable our team to continue curating and enhancing data as we plan to build the world’s largest platform for behavioral health data,” says Holmusk founder and CEO Nawal Roy.

  • Gurugram-based, Breathe Well-being garnered $6 Million+ to assist people in reversing diabetes.

The money raised will be utilized to grow the workforce, ramp up the tech platform, and improve the coaching and medical academies. 

  • Women-focused health and fitness app SocialBoat attracted $200,000 in an angel funding round. 

The company aims to deploy this funding to strengthen its tech platform and onboard more talent.

What does the Digital & Connected Patient Experience of Tomorrow look like?

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5 CX Trends in Healthcare for 2023

The healthcare industry has seen several practices become common that otherwise took a back seat. Here are a few trends the healthcare sector will see emerging which will shift the overall customer experience in the year ahead.

  • Retail Healthcare: Rural hospitals are particularly at risk, owing to low financial reserves or reliance on government aid. Due to this, consumers are inclined more toward retail healthcare. “In 2022, the US retail clinic market size was valued at $3.49 billion, with additional retail companies looking to join the ranks of CVS-Aetna, Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon, and Optum-UnitedHealth Group,” says Forbes. While the medical industry finally embraces advanced technology, the retail healthcare system is predicted to take center stage backed by its priority to provide customers with the best overall experience.
  • Artificial Intelligence: According to