Are you drowned in data? Use AI to Make sense of it

A brilliant idea is where it all starts from. Consider a dedicated news advisor delivering relevant information based on your personal reading habits, without you having to sort it. This does sound fascinating and luckily it’s already here, in the Hotify Avatar. What Hotify is – It’s an Intelligent Information Discovery Engine designed to cater the needs of each individual content consumer.

Hotify’s goals are clear, delivering high quality information to its users based on their personal reading habits and requirements. It serves the purpose well, by being one step ahead of the competition using the principles or AI and Machine Learning. What does this help with?  You may ask, it addresses the problems faced by users due to the large amount of information floating on the Internet.  The platform learns, calibrates and then delivers you the content you need, all possible via Machine learning & A.I based development.

Data Science

“Machine Learning is the core of Hotify. All our theories, algorithms translate into Machine Learning based algorithms to deliver personalized content to our users. Right from a simple probability model of what users would love to read in general, to a complicated graph based deduction of what the users would like to read next or now, is all driven using Machine learning as a tool. It is very similar to a giving a dedicated news assistant for every user as we evolve the product”   

– Ankur Dinesh Garg(Founder, Hotify)

The process of gathering efficiently sorted information where the user doesn’t have to make the effort of choosing which publication or topic to follow, and by eliminating manual curation it cuts down the delay between relevant news getting out and reaching the user, this is done by Data Science.

Hotify is partnering with MantraLabs to solve the data science problem and make sense of the huge stacks of data. This is being done by processing the collected data through AI Engine to learn the preferences for user and providing relevant content. The more you use the system the smarter it becomes in providing relevant news items.

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