Top 5 Augmented Reality use cases

Augmented Reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. Unlike Virtual Reality, which creates a total artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it.

Let’s take a quick snapshot of Augmented Reality Technology with five usecases showing how Total Immersion is defining a technology and making it real for businesses and consumers alike.

1.Furniture Staging: The ability to visualize a virtual catalogue of furniture, overlayed at scale into a room a consumer would like to furnish, and the ability to make purchase / buying decisions by composing multiple furniture arrangements together.

2.Geo-located messages or content: The ability to place a message, object, or 3d experience at a specific real world location, that can only be viewed through a device at that locations. Snapchat Art, WallaMe, World Brush.

3.Geo-located entertainment: Games that move users through the real world to specific locations to score points. Pokemon Go, Ingress, Jurassic World Alive.

4.Wayfinding: Overlaying traditional gps mapping directions onto the world instead of on a 2D map, for ease of navigation, and including fun characters like HotStepper.

5.E-Commerce product displays: Augmented Reality has always been anticipated to change the way people see the world around them, but it will also revolutionize the way we shop online. Seeing products in 3d in your own home before you buy, including virtually trying on clothing pre-purchase to increase the customer experience.

Many companies started to believe that augmented reality is an innovation of the future and investing in this technology, it’s providing business value right now.

We would like to thank David Gull, CEO Outer Realm  for providing your inputs on how AR is being used in our world today.




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