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Equity Robo – Your Free Robo for Investment Insights

Value investing is one of the best known stock-picking methods. The concept is actually very simple: find companies trading below their inherent worth. In other words investment strategy based on buying stock (shares), which appears cheap (is trading at less than its true worth) when the issuer’s current earnings and assets are taken into account. Value-based investing is a fascinating way to generate wealth.

There are many renowned value investors in India who look for stocks with strong fundamentals – including earnings, dividends, book value, and cash flow. They share educational content about this investing and also recommendations in the form of blog posts. Although the content by them is available on the internet but many users have difficulty in finding authentic content and updates on investment.

Equity Robo is designed and developed as a mobile application to solve the problems faced by the user in accessing information about investment-related topics.

Equity Robo has been created to aggregate and bring to the user leading insights from various investment gurus of India. This is a free service meant to let the user know whenever a value investor posts content on his blog. Equity Robo  notifies the user and keeps in ahead of the curve when it comes to information related to value-based investing. Value Investing.

The key features of this application are:

  1. Card-based layout for easy reading and navigation through multiple articles.
  2. Initial synopsis of the article with an option to tap and read the complete article on the web
    using any of the mobile browsers.
  3. User friendly navigation to return to the main application after reading an article on the web.
  4. Option to turn on/off value investing insights based on interest levels.
  5. Notification on new content arrival and an option to turn on/off notifications.
  6. Bookmarking feature to ensure user can start from where they left off.
  7. Bookmarks to keep curated blog posts in a separate folder.

Backend Technology:

  • Android studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) was used in building the app
  • CI (continuous integration) by Jenkins for creating APK
  • Java framework 1.8
  • Redrofit for server integration
  • Picasa for image uploading
  • Parse for notification
  • Green Robot for sending events inside our codes (eventbus)
  • Flurry for the analytics of an app
  • Branch for sharing and deep linking data

The app has been developed to keep users up-to-date with value-based investing and other investment related news and information.

To know more about Equity Robo and other app development projects contact us at hello@mantralabsglobal.com



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Personalization in Mobile UX

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4 minutes read

User experience (UX) for mobile applications is evolving rapidly and becoming more diverse than ever, giving users special experiences for different types of individuals. Instead of providing a single, static user experience for everyone, delivering the right level of element and content, targeting each person on an individual level with appropriate features has become the industry standard. Personalization in mobile UX not only helps in boosting engagement but in building customer loyalty