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Gen Z Design Dilemma

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It’s the latest hook line to defend any design by saying it is for the Genz, the new generation. But what does it actually mean designing for this generation?

This is the generation that was born with iPhones and ipads in their hands and they are the most tech-savvy of us all. It is daunting to get inside the heads of this digitally-driven generation and understand what makes them addicted to things.


You can easily spot them in public spaces as humans with more than one digital device on them and mostly with headphones to block out real-life noise. These guys got mobile phones before they could even walk making them the most digital-savvy generation. They access information at their fingertips and are known for their multitasking skills. These guys have grown up in a time of constant changes and that’s why they don’t expect any stability. They want products that constantly evolve and experiment.

Let’s see how we can design for Gen Z while keeping them engaged and wanting more.


To say that they are attracted to anything and everything is not wrong here. The people of this generation are open to new experiences. They like putting themselves out there in the social media world and demanding attention and expect the same from the products they use.  As designers that gives us access to fearlessly experiment with combining new styles, colours, typographies, or animations.


  • Understanding their habits

Gen Z practically grew up with smartphones glued to their hands, navigating the digital world like pros. To meet them at their level, we need to create designs that adapt to their digital habits. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have a design that is mobile-friendly and responsive. A seamless experience keeps Gen Z engaged and craving more!

  • Embrace Minimalistic and Authentic Designs

They appreciate minimalism so go ahead and declutter your designs and let your creativity shine. Go for cleaner layouts, generous white spaces, and pleasing typography. Also, it’s often the case that the bigger and bolder, the better. So go ahead and try out bold, attention-grabbing fonts.

Also the Gen-Z values authenticity, they are not fooled by marketing gimmicks. They have a strong sense of social responsibility and they are very vocal about their beliefs. So don’t be afraid to let your brand’s true colours shine through in a genuine, minimalistic way.

Also, they appreciate casual, honest, and everyday language, and we need to make sure our content resonates with the characteristics of this generation. 

  • Incorporate Bright Colours and Vibrant Visuals:

Gen Z loves their colours as vibrant as a rainbow. They are drawn to bright colours, eye-catching visuals that evoke positive emotions. Make sure your designs pop and demand attention. They also love neon palettes and mixed patterns. Fearlessly experiment with combining new styles and colours because everything and anything goes for them.

In the end, it’s all about capturing that Gen Z spirit and infusing it into your designs. 

  • Leverage Personalization and User-Generated Content:

Just like your favourite ice cream, the Gen Z craves personalized experiences. They want to feel like your designs were made just for them. So, sprinkle some magic into your designs by incorporating customization features and personalized recommendations. Give them a platform to choose their preferences to tailor an experience of their liking and you will see their engagement levels skyrocket.

Gen Z loves being part of the action. Try to give them a sense of community and involvement. You can have polls, surveys or interactive challenges, etc. Giving them an invitation to share their creativity and ideas will make them more engaged. 

Also, they are way past their age when it comes to digital experience. Treat them like adults and give them informed decisions. 

  • Integrate Gamification and Interactive Elements:

This generation grew up playing digital games and they expect a similar level of interactivity in their experiences now. Incorporating gamification techniques like rewards, challenges, and progress tracking helps keep them hooked. You need to gamify your designs to create a sense of accomplishment and fun for them. Also, give them some interactive elements or animations to draw attention for them to keep coming back for more. 

Remember, the more they can actively participate, the more invested they’ll be in your product.

Also, this generation can have a full conversation just using emojis, so try communicating with them in your product using emojis, avatars, anicons, etc.


Designing for Gen Z requires an understanding of their unique characteristics and preferences. By embracing minimalistic designs, incorporating vibrant visuals, personalizing experiences, and prioritizing interactivity, designers can create engaging experiences that makes this digitally savvy generation coming back for more. 

One more thing is to keep evolving our designs by adapting to the new expectations.

They need things to be relatable with the current trending reels, tiktoks, viral twitter posts, viral memes, shows, etc.

With the digital world so dynamic, we need to constantly evolve and keep up with the newer trends to keep our users engaged.


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