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How chatbots are changing the Insurance sector – Five examples

Insurance chatbots are the new buzzword ruling the insurance companies currently. The primary objective of a chatbot is to provide a faster and an efficient system for communication with the customers and streamline the tedious insurance tasks. The insurance sector is playing hard to automate their on-boarding, sales and training processes and make it available for the hand-held devices. But, the significant issues still lies with the sales force management where customers are a lot more aware, and the insurance products are more sophisticated and specific. A chatbot is the real game changer when it comes to salesforce management and revolutionizing the Insurance processes.

Here is a list of a few examples of how IT is transforming the insurance:

1. Virtual customer representative:

The typical scenario of the manual customer care system goes like putting the customer on hold with a constant background reminder that you need to wait for a few more minutes as our customer representative is on another call. It has always been a turn off for a customer because it is annoying, time-consuming and lacks efficiency. Insurance chatbots are here to put an end to these tiresome phone calls. Chatbot act as a virtual customer representative who is available at all the times. With the help of natural processing and artificial intelligence, they process the customer’s queries in just a few seconds with a personalized response. The total number of queries that can be handled by insurance chatbots is incomparable to the real customer care support.

2. Saving costs:

Business insider has predicted that implementation of insurance chatbots can save up to $12bn of labor costs.  Insurance firms often invest a massive amount of money in recruiting, training and mentoring a workforce to make it eligible for the insurance processes. Leveraging the benefits of AI, and natural language processing and developing the agent, and customer chatbots can help to save substantially on these costs.

3. Better understanding with the customers:

  When it comes to insurance then it is the most intimidating sector for the customers. 72% of the people are of the belief that they are not able to decipher the Insurance jargons used by insurance companies. It doesn’t give them a clear picture of what they are getting into when buying an insurance plan which makes them quite skeptical about investing in insurance. Chatbot is a great way to provide the straightforward answers to the customers and make them understand better.

4. Cut-down redundant processes:

The excessive paperwork involved with insurance lifecycle needs a dedicated workforce to manage it. Not just insurance agents but even the customers dread it. Chatbots together with AI make these processes much faster and easy that saves a lot of time. Though this is still in the nascent stages of development, it will be one of the key advantages of insurance chatbots in the future.

5. Providing customized solutions:

  Customers can get solutions tailored to their needs instantly through chatbot. They will need to provide information like their salary, savings, what are they looking for in the insurance plan, duration and an automated insurance solution based on those inputs is presented to them. Apart from that they can also set renewable insurance dates, access their documents online, set reminder with the help of Insurtech Chatbot implementation.

Though there has been a surge in the use of Chatbots for insurance, still it has a long way to go. InsureTech responsible for implementation of IT in insurance companies needs to come up with more effective solutions to make the customer engagement a lot more pleasant and user-friendly.

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