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Most Innovative Insurtechs of 2023

The insurance industry has experienced significant transformations in recent years, largely driven by technological advancements and the rise of insurtech companies. These innovative startups are upending conventional insurance practices by utilizing cutting-edge technologies to boost customer experiences, streamline operations, and offer personalized insurance solutions. This blog will focus on the most cutting-edge insurtech firms of 2023 that are changing the insurance space and pushing the envelope of what is possible. Here’s a look at the most innovative insurtechs of 2023 (in no particular order):

  1. Propeller is a US-based InsurTech that provides insurance companies, consultants, and their clients with a completely automated end-to-end underwriting platform. The firm has a white-labeled URL for brokers and agents that contains around 7,000 surety bond obligations allowing both parties to get quotes, make payments, and receive their bonds in a matter of minutes.
  1. Kita is a London-based company that provides a customized portfolio of carbon insurance solutions by linking insurance and carbon markets. The company offers a portfolio of insurance products that lower carbon risk, allowing high-quality carbon projects to scale up. Reduced risk in carbon credit transactions leads to greater flows of upfront capital and accelerates the pace of positive climate impact. Their Carbon Purchase Protection Cover insurance policy secures buyers of forward-purchased carbon credits against under-delivery.
  1. Goose is a Vancouver-based company that provides easy, affordable, insurance solutions via mobile-first self-serve platforms. Customers may purchase Life Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Travel Insurance, and more using the Goose Insurance Super-App in just a few seconds without the need for a medical exam or an agent.
  1. Thimble is a US-based insurtech platform that enables small businesses like handymen, landscapers, DJs, artisans, and event planners to purchase insurance coverage by job, month, or year using an app, website, or phone. The users can also modify, pause, or cancel it right away regardless of whether the business is strong and also pick how they wish to pay before upgrading once the business truly takes off. 
  1. Wefox Holding AG, a Berlin-based firm provides customers with an insurance check tool that identifies the risks they face. 

The users receive an accurate percentage across 4 separate categories that reflect their individual level of risk.

  1. NEXT Insurance is a California-based firm that provides small businesses like pet care providers, Amazon sellers, engineers, architects, etc. with specialized and affordable insurance solutions. The firm is also working on creating a digitally embedded payroll experience for small businesses across the U.S. which will help them effectively manage cash flow and only pay for the coverage they require.
  2. Dacadoo is a Swiss tech firm that combines mobile technologies, social networking, gamification, etc., to help users with their health and well-being through personalization. Their mobile-first digital health engagement platform encourages users to lead more active lives by combining social networks, online gaming, and behavioral science-based motivating strategies with artificial intelligence and automated coaching. The platform uses the Health Score, a scientifically derived number ranging from 0 to 1,000, to quantify and assess health. It relies on the user’s physical characteristics (body), emotional state (mind), and way of living (style). Rewards are given to those who lead active lifestyles. Another product is Dacadoo Risk Engine, a health risk quantification API that enables insurers and healthcare providers to examine the population’s health risk. Examples include population health management, faster underwriting, supporting pricing engines, and dynamic pricing.  


The Insurtech revolution is in full swing, and these innovative companies are leading the charge. From redefining underwriting with AI and ML to pioneering usage-based insurance, enhancing customer experience, transforming claims processing with blockchain, and embracing risk management and prevention, they are reshaping the insurance industry as we know it. With a growing focus on technology, data, and customer-centric approaches, the future of insurance sure looks promising.

(Note: The insurtechs highlighted here are not rank-based and are not indicative of the ‘best’ insurtech products available today.)


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