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5 Take Away points from Droidcon 2016

Droidcon is a global developer conference series focusing on the best of Android, supporting the Android platform and creating a strong network for developers and startups. Droidcon covers all aspects of the Android ecosystem from mobile devices, to TV, to cars, to gaming, and so much more. The idea behind the droidcon conferences is to […]

5 things you need to know from Stack Overflow Survey 2016- JavaScript Continues to Rule The Web.

To gain insight into the state of development, every year tens of thousands of developers are surveyed by Stack Overflow through their service. Stack Overflow serves as a stage where designers share their work and make inquiries identified with coding. Consistently, the site overviews a huge number of engineers to get a thought regarding the […]

10 Basic Principles of Interaction Design You Need to Know.

The definition for Interaction Design is, “it is the behaviour and structure of the interactive systems”. In other words, it is the relationship between the user and the product, and the service they use. The interaction design should create great user experience. It requires experience and understanding of basic principles of the interaction design in most of […]

Google’s Android N Preview- Developers Perspective

Google released its new operating system Android N preview on 09-03-2016. Google’s unexpected announcement of Android N Developer came that time when several mobile phone manufacturers are struggling to make the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update available to their premium devices. The launch of Android N developer’s preview saw a good audience and it’s also going to […]

11 Design Trends in Mobile App Design for 2016

The mobile phone has rapidly become the most widely used technology in the world. It is getting far more common than traditional computers. The statistic forecast that the total number of smartphone users worldwide by 2020 would be 6.1 billion, according to the annual Mobile Report from Ericsson. The statistics show every year brings to […]

Inside of Mobile World Congress 2016- Future Technology Trend

The Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile trade fair, which wrapped up in Barcelona on Thursday. The conference recorded 2199 exhibitors and attendance of over 101000 people, which was covered by 3,600 members of the international press and media. This year the conference was dominated by the arrival of advanced technology like wearable technology, […]

Five Principles You Need To Know For Creating Better User Experience

The success of an app depends on the user’s experience and creating a good mobile user experience depends on good UI and performance of an app. To delight users of an app, the designer needs to take into consideration five major points while designing for the perfect execution of UX fundamentals.

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