Posts on Aug 2016

MeetUp on Building Apps Using Meteor.JS at Mantra Labs

On July 24, 2016, Mantra Labs organized a MeetUp at their Head-office in Bangalore. Mr. Atul Yadav was the lead speaker at the conference. He kicked off the MeetUp with the keynote Meteor and addressed why Meteor is becoming a mainstream framework? And why developers are going Meteor way. The MeetUp was attended by Web and Mobile development experts, who were eager to know why Meteor? Read More….

“User Tracking Code” for Secure Lead Attribution

There are various insurance aggregators in the industry which frequently compare various insurance plans.

Often, a user might check out the details of a policy from the aggregator, but might not buy it from there.

There is a good chance that he goes to the actual insurance site and buys the policy from there. Read More….

Mantra’s Graffiti-Happy Wall Art!!!

So what does a Mantra designer do late on a Friday night when everyone has left office?

Yes. He goes  graffiti-happy on the office walls! Read More….