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MeetUp on Building Apps Using Meteor.JS at Mantra Labs

On July 24, 2016, Mantra Labs organized a MeetUp at their Head-office in Bangalore. Mr. Atul Yadav was the lead speaker at the conference. He kicked off the MeetUp with the keynote Meteor and addressed why Meteor is becoming a mainstream framework? And why developers are going Meteor way. The MeetUp was attended by Web […]

“User Tracking Code” for Secure Lead Attribution

There are various insurance aggregators in the industry which frequently compare various insurance plans. Often, a user might check out the details of a policy from the aggregator, but might not buy it from there. There is a good chance that he goes to the actual insurance site and buys the policy from there.

Mantra’s Graffiti-Happy Wall Art!!!

So what does a Mantra designer do late on a Friday night when everyone has left office? Yes. He goes  graffiti-happy on the office walls!

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