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Smart bulb: Now control your bulb through your mobile

A Smart bulb isn’t just your everyday bulb. They don’t just rest in a holder to do nothing besides provide light like a basic bulb would. That’s dull, and in the IoT Technology Space, things aren’t meant to be dull. The basic idea was to be in command of several operations a light bulb would […]

Moovlee – Want to reach somewhere?

Moovlee is a new radio cab service provider that currently operates in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The platform is designed in a way that both customers and service providers benefit from it equally. Another benefit of Moovlee over current radio cab providers is that it does not have a ride time charge or surge prices. This […]

Smart Home Mantra

Technologies evolution is impacting our life every day in ways never seen before. Most of the change is for good. Cloud, Big data, Analytics, AI and IOT(Internet of Things) are all very hot technology spaces. IOT has truly caught the attention. It not only solves your problems in real time, but also maintains a crucial connection with […]

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