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Smart bulb: Now control your bulb through your mobile

A Smart bulb isn’t just your everyday bulb. They don’t just rest in a holder to do nothing besides provide light like a basic bulb would. That’s dull, and in the IoT Technology Space, things aren’t meant to be dull. The basic idea was to be in command of several operations a light bulb would perform through a mobile application. You don’t have to worry about sleeping with the lights left on, all light long as a smart bulb can communicate with your fit bit and sense when you are asleep and will then turn off on its own.

You don’t need dimmer to dim 

Remember when you had to install dimmer switches in your home just to make the light a little dim for setting the ambiance? Like many other features, a Smart Bulb offers, dimming the light through buttons/sliders built within the application that controls it. Changing colors of the lights according to your mood is another thing a Smart Bulb is usually capable of. They can also integrate with home automation systems like Apple Home Kit and Nest which maximizes its potential in the field of Security.

 Control from anywhere/Multiple users can use them

The basic idea of integrating a LED to operate on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or In-Home Automation Networks is what a Smart Bulb is created on. It can be used by multiple users when paired with a specific system operated on a single user account in the application.

Technical Specification:

Connectivity: Bluetooth/Wifi

Powered by : Andriod and mobile apps


With the market for such small IoT technologies growing at almost 13% each quarter, various manufacturers are now trying to integrate new age smart bulbs with features like built-in camera, motion sensors, and sound system. The industry pioneers, like Philips and LIFX have already started producing such products and controlling the lights of your home from a remote location is no longer a fantasy!

The project is currently under progress.

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Moovlee – Want to reach somewhere?

Moovlee is a new radio cab service provider that currently operates in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The platform is designed in a way that both customers and service providers benefit from it equally. Another benefit of Moovlee over current radio cab providers is that it does not have a ride time charge or surge prices. This is definitely a plus as getting stuck in a traffic jam is already a mood spoiler, leave alone paying extra for it.

What does Moovlee do for the Service Provider?

Like all Technologies Moovlee enables a service provider to get more customer with a real-time taxi booking through a mobile APP while keeping their brand name to ensure publicity. You as a service provider can track and manage your entire fleet of taxis from a single screen on your mobile device. No need to worry about numerous calls and payment hassles. This directly helps in increasing you efficiency and hence your revenues.

For rider

The simple layout of the mobile App enables the customer to choose a cab based on nearest location it is available at. Once you have all the options, you can then go ahead review the ride details such as customer rating, vehicle model and price per kilometer to ensure you get the best out of your money. The payment options that Moovlee offers are either Cash or Cards. You can rate your ride from 1 to 5 once you have completed your trip.


For Driver

Similar options are provided for the driver of the cabs too, they can show their status as online, once they have the App setup and can then accept/reject rides. If a driver does accept a ride then he can easily navigate to the pickup point to start the ride. The drivers also get to rate the passenger after the completion of the ride.


 Mantra Labs provided services to Moovlee, we help them design their website as well as the official App, so that nothing comes in the way, of them serving you better. We look forward to providing such services that benefit you, in your day to day lives.

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Smart Home Mantra

Technologies evolution is impacting our life every day in ways never seen before. Most of the change is for good. Cloud, Big data, Analytics, AI and IOT(Internet of Things) are all very hot technology spaces. IOT has truly caught the attention. It not only solves your problems in real time, but also maintains a crucial connection with the other technology spaces.

Connected devices is not a very new thing as it has been happening in industrial settings for a while.  A large number of varied devices are connected to make world-class production systems. However, the use of the smaller devices connected over the internet is definitely a breakaway idea.

The market size of IoT is expanding rapidly; the industry is expected to grow up to USD 883.55 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 32.4% between 2016 and 2022. Nearly 10% of this would be coming from home automation.

Home automation systems leverage this technology to create user experiences not thought of before. Companies like Apple and Nest have created compelling connected home kits which can work with market devices as well. It is a different question about how many such devices are available.

Smart home

While you may easily find large appliances which are compatible with solutions like Apple Homekit and Nest individually or in some cases interchangeably allowing you to control them. The smaller devices like light bulbs, clocks, knobs, switches are not available in great variety.

Home automation systems like for light bulbs Philips Hue (TM) is compatible with Apple Home Kit, LIFX works with Nest or with its own App downloadable from various App stores. This does not allow customers to have a choice. Similarly, devices like smart clocks are not yet integrated with these systems. Kitchens may not be complete without having your gas knobs being turned smarter to turn off when they sense a danger or notice you have left the home.

IT industry while focusing on the IOT  is not focusing on helping create such products that may help provide consumers more choice for the home automation . MantraLabs is taking a different view and concentrating on creating smaller connected devices providing greater value to the home automation use cases.

So what are you waiting for, make your smart home even more smarter with these smart home technologies.

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