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Hot Topics of AI : Voice, Image, Social Media and Text Analytics

We are living in the age of evolving Artificial Intelligence. Here everything is data, so there is an enormous opportunity of getting intelligent from each aspect of life/business. Having worked on spreadsheets and relational databases for a decade, I can confidently say that we have to go beyond it if we care to be more […]

Latest PHP trends in 2017

In the PHP world, the release of PHP 7 is a major accomplishment.  The language now has a substantial increase in performance with an optimized memory usage. This improved nature results in making PHP more suitable for Internet of Things solutions too. Why PHP? Faster and leaner PHP 7: PHP 7 looks familiar for developers, […]

2016 – A big leap for Mantra Labs

When this year started Mantra Labs was adjusting to the new world view of technology. We were embracing IOT, AI and cloud along with our core strengths in Mobile and Web technologies. It is a pleasure to look back and reflect on what we have achieved in this year. Started Mantra.AI to solve business problems […]

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