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Caring for our beloved ones has always been a priority, and in the world with new possibilities we can now say, there is a smarter way to do it. Think of it as a window into the lives of your loved ones, so that you can always look after them even when you are not physically there. Touchkin is an App based on the factor that we all care for the well being of our loved ones.

It implements various characteristics of AI and combines it with your Smartphone’s. The App uses various sensors built within your Smartphone’s to detect changes in daily activities that may indicate upcoming health issues. Touchkin has AI assistants like StayClose and Wysa which perform different role working towards the welfare of health related problems any individual might be facing.


StayClose is based on Touchkin’s predictive care engine, which uses machine learning to detect patterns of phone sensor data it then analyses this data to create a picture of you and your loved one’s wellbeing. This way you can see when your loved one’s last left home, when they were active or spoke to someone. The App finds such patterns and alerts you if it notices sudden changes which may require you to visit them or maybe take them to a doctor if an illness may be the reason. Another feature it offers is that you can send a ride to anyone in your contacts with a pair of taps, in case you can’t make it.

Catering the needs of such a brilliant idea in the space of Family Healthcare is a rather laborious task. For the whole system to work efficiently the support and infrastructure has to be perfect and Mantra Labs plays a key role here. They have Incubated Touchkin and are dedicating various resources to help the App serve its consumers better. Mantra labs have been providing support in all areas from processing the information database collected via various sensors to applying the core technology like the AI based healthcare engine that drives Touchkin. It directly influences how well the App adapts to your individual needs and helps you stay closer to the most important people in your lives.

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