Hot Topics of AI : Voice, Image, Social Media and Text Analytics

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We are living in the age of evolving Artificial Intelligence. Here everything is data, so there is an enormous opportunity of getting intelligent from each aspect of life/business.

Having worked on spreadsheets and relational databases for a decade, I can confidently say that we have to go beyond it if we care to be more intelligent than ever. This need is being manifested in every business, and its super set human activities.

Image, audio, social media and documents have been and will be main area of AI applications. So, we have to get ready to dig out those unstructured data so as to get meaningful insights.In this pursuit, I developed APIs for each hot area of AI.

First, let us start from voice based application. We have to care about voice based intelligence so as to do things more easily than ever. Here I would like to show an API where you can change the color of plot, title of the plot, size of points and even you can add a (local polynomial) regression line just by your voice

We are in the process of building smart image recognition system with/without google vision API. Here I would like to share an API meant for editing and viewing any image

Document reading has been a tedious task for most of us, specially compliance officers, risk managers and any sort of document readers. So, I developed an API to summarize pdf/document with help of NLP/LSA .

Sentiment tracking has been an essential work of any marketing team /strategy team. You must be aware of how people perceive your product/service/event, public sentiment score, its change with time and who talks to whom on social media. Here is the social media API for that purpose.

Real time monitoring/Sensor data visualization has been very important component of smart healthcare, smart building management and smart home. Here is the API

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