“User Tracking Code” for Secure Lead Attribution

There are various insurance aggregators in the industry which frequently compare various insurance plans.

Often, a user might check out the details of a policy from the aggregator, but might not buy it from there.

There is a good chance that he goes to the actual insurance site and buys the policy from there.

In this case, both the aggregator and the insurance company agrees that the Lead has legitimately come from the Aggregator website.N000011en-zanox-Tracking-Process-3760x1400 copy

The question is, how do you understand the same?

This problem of attributing the source of a lead is solved by some third party tools. Both the websites keep a java-script code. So, if a user goes to the insurance detail page of the aggregator website, this executes a code and the third party sets a cookie on the browser.

Now, if the user visits the insurance site to make the transaction, the third party is able to identify that it’s the same user.

The data is shared with both the parties for further processing.analytics_cover

One of our clients, a health insurance major, had some concerns using third party tool. The risks with third party tool are.

  1. Information Risk
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Trust issues.

The data in this case is held by the third party.

So, we at Mantra designed a solution for them which works just like the Third party tool. The advantages this tool provides over the conventional solution are

              1.Data is safe and there is no need to share with third party.
              2.It protects Data Analytics.


How does Mantra’s “User Tracking Code” works?

The “User Tracking Code” allows Agencies to report on each of the distinct events without skewing reporting results with Cross Channel Reporting of the same conversion event.

This User Tracking Code helps to track the visitor on their website, so that the right attribution is given without depending on the third party tools. This code becomes their property without risking data and having trust issues.

In other words our user tracking code provides detailed information about the lead customer for business in cost effective way, at more securable way and gives a better sense of potential customer.

Mantra is always looking out to work on innovative solutions to complex business problems and this has been our forte. At Mantra Labs we provide securable and cost effective Solution to your business.

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