We are applying the latest technologies and solutions in the insurance sector to deliver InsurTech solutions that solve real-world operational problems.

Cost Optimization

Our approaches for strategic cost reduction.
  • Develops solutions for efficiency
  • Open Source/In-house tools to save licensing cost
  • Stronger SEO strategy

Customer Engagement

We create strong connection between a customer and brand through
  • Seamless and Consistent Communication on multiple channels
  • Chat-bot to provide user assistance throughout buying an Insurance
  • CMS and flexible user portal for customer requirement

New Revenue Stream

We are cultivating new revenue stream
  • Re-Targeting customers through web and visual analytic
  • Seamless Insurance Portability
  • Provide Digital Asset management on Social channels

Process Optimization

Our Quantitative tools in decision making.
  • Process consulting with detailed analysis
  • Digital Process transformation
  • Business process reengineering

Security Best Practice

We offer some best practices of our own
  • Risk mitigation with security controls
  • Vulnerability assessment & Penetration
  • Integrating security practices into software development

Innovation in Insurance

We bring innovation in the Insurance sector
  • AI enabled chatbot to track behavioural and mental health
  • Fitness app for customer engagement and data
  • AI driven user interface

” The Digital World – a reality.
Health insurance online sales increased by 60% “


We deliver consistent and connected customer experience .Our aim of digitally translate the relationship with the customer,creating solutions that promote a positive customer journey and a trusting relationship.


We create value by developing new solution for your company powered by advanced technologies such as IOT, artificial intelligence and machine learning, DevOps models and practices for continual delivery, service-oriented architecture and the cloud for scalability, software-as-a-service for efficiency, architectures built for agility, and CMS platforms for real-time collaboration and response to market dynamics


Our Innovations are designed to solve real and specific problems to create and deliver value in Insurance Sector


Our chat solution at a fraction of the cost which continuously keeps learning based on Agent Interactions which allows the Chatbot users to have seamless interaction.

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An AI driven paper to digital document parser is able to successfully transform paper based documentation into digital with successful extraction of relevant consumer filled information.

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Religare is one of the most trusted and reputed healthcare insurance company servicing more than 1.4 million lives across 300+ locations including over 480 corporates in India.
Mantra Labs is the leading technology consulting partner with Religare in their digital transformation journey and helped Religare increase their online sales by 60% in 2016-2017.

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