India’s technology revolution since 1947

We are wishing you a very Happy Independence Day. We are celebrating our 72nd independence day this August 15th and it occurred to us that we have come a long way from being a under developed country ruled by the British to one of the most promising economies of the developing world. We have a great market and huge talent pool to fuel our growth. Though still a developing country, has achieved a lot in the past 71 years. One of the fields in which India has made huge achievements is Science and Technology and has seen the technology revolution.

Let’s have a little recap:


Thinking back we have come a long way from being a agrarian country to a premier, technology fuelled, IT exporter. We have grown in all areas technology. Over the years we have touched almost all dimensions of technology evolution. From Industrial growth to automated factories. From manual labor based farming to AI powered farming assistants. From bullock carts to creating AI powered self driving cars. From local shops to globally sourced online market places. From barter trade to Electronic funds transfer over mobiles.

We are proud to be a part of this technology revolution and are focusing on the trends in the IT industry in the last 10 years and relate them to how this has shaped Mantra Labs. We have also updated ourselves as the technology around us took shape. We were the pioneers of the Indian Online market place, now we are shaping the future of Industries with Artificial intelligence based applications. We are primarily focused on intelligent automation of processes and experts in the Insurance industry. We are keeping up with all the developments in technology and not only do we follow the development we help shape them as well. 

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