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AI in Mobile Development

How hard is it to develop an AI app? – In the realm of AI, it is a constant journey and not a destination. Indeed, AI developers and experts are on a mission of solving the most complex problem – human behaviour. They are on a path to study patterns and produce results that a human being would most likely exhibit.

In the making of all of this fabulous innovation, what kind of challenges does an AI developer face? What are the hindrances in their role? Does AI Development manager approach in a responsible manner? To answer many such question lets dive deep into some of the stories of AI development.

‘AI – Opportunities’ in mobile app development

AI is kind of magic wand to its innovators, true to its nature of being complex it hosts a bunch of opportunities’ for developers to explore the world….

Voice Enablement Helps in understanding customer better and delivering the best

How often have you called up customer care to complain when the internet is not working or DTH not working? The first thing they ask you is – what kind of problem are you facing? While at times the problem is simple, many times the executives try to know the exact steps to reach a particular problem. While manually saying click this, click that could help, voice recognition or voice enablement allows developers in identifying the exact process that was followed.

As the user says OK Google on his phone, followed by instruction check new emails or the weather or the best deal for iPhone, it helps developers in understanding the behaviour of the customers. The kind of apps they use most, what are the instructions provided, what kind of instructions not working. The voice input also helps in understanding customers expectations from an app. I remember when my nephew instructed Google Home “You are useless,” the answer came in was I am sorry to disappoint you, and I would let my engineers know about it.”

Simplifying Complex needs

The most exciting opportunity for an AI app developer is about streamlining complex processes and workflows. Well, indeed otherwise how would the language translation work out? Or how could a chatbot help in resolving human beings technical problems? Or could you fathom of any human being going through thousands of lines of log to look for something suspicious? Or how about commanding Voice assistant to locate the best restaurant near you serving Mediterranean food?

All these are the needs to structure and present data in the simplified form. Thanks to AI app developer.

‘AI – Challenges’ in Mobile App Development

Well, the aim is to simplify lives but what are the challenges faced by developers?

No Standards tools and languages

While Google has launched some of the projects like Teachable Machine and Google AI tools to let users experience how AI works, it is still a challenge for developers to start off. In fact, Quora is flooded with queries like what are the languages or software used to develop an AI app. Many firms use Python due to the benefits it offers but has its limitations like weak in mobile programming and enterprises desktop shops. Similar is the case for other software languages like – Prolog, JAVA, C++ and LISP programming languages for artificial intelligence research

Lots of data create confusion

However, it’s the data that helps in creating the best AI app; the irony is that its also in a massive amount at times challenging to segregate and structure. With big data buzz and data tracking now a trend, developers at times face a hurdle in putting the data sets in a meaningful way.

The new availability and advancement of AI and ML are causing a revolutionary shift in the way that developers, businesses, and users think about intelligent interactions within mobile applications.



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A Beginner’s Guide to JSON Data-interchange Format

By :
2 minutes, 46 seconds read

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a subset of JavaScript and an efficient way to deal with data over the internet. It is mainly used for exchanging and storing data. JSON organizes the data quite smoothly and enables easy access. Moreover, it collects data in “forms”, which is readable for humans.

In the early 2000s, JSON format was defined by Douglas Crockford. There are certain rules for JSON syntax which we need to follow for efficient performance. These include the use of square brackets, curly brackets, commas, and value pairs or names. When it comes to the data, then it is necessary to be in the form of value pairs or name. Along the same lines, commas separate data; square and curly brackets hold arrays and objects. Let’s dig into JSON a bit deeper.


JSON is easy for servers as well. Since it deals with the pain text, it makes it easier for servers to interpret data quickly. JSON follows all JavaScript rules and its syntax works impressively on the JavaScript standards. Many people misunderstand JSON as an object. However, it is not true.

Although JSON utilizes JavaScript format, it is a completely different programming language. JSON is responsible for converting data into JS forms of objects in order to store them as text. Besides storing data, you can also use the JSON format for accessing the data.

JSON Formatter

The JSON Formatter is designed to provide the best possible debugging. It is independent and lightweight, which perfectly kicks out the issue of readability. The output from this tool is without link breaks, which saves a lot of device space. JSON Formatter is an amazing online tool that supports all browsers. All you need to do is – submit JSON format file and press enter for output!

JSON formatter

Prettifying JSON Files

There are a number of free online tools to prettify JSON files. To prettify means – making a more readable version of the data. Many people don’t have a firm grip on coding and computer terminologies. If such is the case, you can use online tools for coding and debugging. You can also prettify JSON using the following keys:

OS X: CMD+Ctrl+J

Windows: Ctrl+Alt+J

Linux: Ctrl+Alt+J

Such tools also help in converting files into the desired format. In addition to this, JSON format online provides you lots more facilities to accomplish complex tasks in minimum possible time.

JSON Format Code

Every software has its own extension for storing data and that’s simply JSON. With this extension, you can store or access the written programming code. Application/JSON is used for the Internet Media files, and for the Uniform Type Identifier, public.json is used.

In JSON, users cannot use functions but must mention them as a string. It is possible to convert such strings into functions later on.

JSON Formatter as an Independent Tool

JSON Formatter is an independent tool that provides a new structure to your coding through easy parsing. However, users need to follow all the XML procedures accurately (usually it’s a three-level process) to get full benefits of JSON coding.

You can also use online resources like jsoneditoronline.org to view, edit, format, and transform different JSON documents.

About the author: Urooj Ashraf is the reputation Manager at TurboRankers and has previously worked as Article writer on freelancing platforms. She’s an expert in inbound marketing, WordPress Development and lead generation. Urooj is also an author at daayri.com. Contact her.

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