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How Consumer Engagement Technology Helps Brands Connect with Their Audience

Research shows that 89% of consumers are willing to leave a brand over one bad experience. Consumer engagement technology helps brands interact with their audience, providing them with a more personalized experience. Eventually, providing the ability and means to track customer behavior, create targeted campaigns, and analyze information.

By utilizing these tools, brands can create a more meaningful connection with their customers, increasing loyalty and sales.

What is Consumer Engagement Technology?

Consumer engagement technology is a set of tools and strategies that enable brands to interact with their customers more meaningfully. Leveraging real-time analytics, contextual updates, and personalized journeys, brands can create meaningful connections with their customers, increasing loyalty and sales.

At Mantra Labs, our conversational AI-based chatbot – Hitee, not only adjusts its responses based on the sentiment shown by a particular user, it remembers previous conversations and responds accordingly. With over 32 languages supported, it ensures that the customer is at ease during their interaction with the brand.

An effective customer engagement tool would have the following qualities:

  • Enhances customer experience through automated marketing tools
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing customer databases
  • Offers personalized experiences through predictive analytics

Benefits of Consumer Engagement Technology

Increased Brand Awareness

Increasing competition makes it difficult for brands to differentiate themselves and create a unique presence in consumers’ minds. As a result, consumer stickiness becomes a challenge for brands. Tools to improve customer engagement through brand awareness help create a credible, trustworthy, and positive brand association.

Brand awareness helps increase the number of users at the top of the sales funnel and boosts long-term customer relationships.

With mobile marketing gaining immense traction, engagement through lock screens and push notifications are vital tools that meet marketing objectives.

Inmobi’s Glance leverages advertising through their Smart Lock Screen offering, which allows brands to communicate with consumers directly on their mobile lock screens, eliminating the probability of users selecting an app on their mobile phone and that being the app where the brand chooses to advertise.

Consumer-first Brands such as Swiggy, Zomato and Cult.Fit leverage push notifications to maintain their daily touchpoints with users. Well known for its humorous copywriting, Zomato reaches out to consumers 2-3 times a day, based on user preferences and previous purchases, to make recommendations and jog the user’s memory towards ordering food.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is critical in driving repeat purchases and long-term customer relationships. Customer engagement technology helps brands build loyalty by providing personalized experiences to customers.

Tools such as loyalty programs, rewards, and gamification help brands create a sense of belonging and reward customers for their loyalty. These tools also help brands understand customer preferences and behavior, allowing them to make more personalized experiences.

In India, Amazon recently partnered with ICICI Bank to create co-branded credit cards to provide rewards points to their customers. Further, Mantra Labs worked with Myntra to help create a gamification experience during their End of Reason sale boosting user engagement rates.

Improved Customer Insights

At its core, customer engagement technology helps unify customer data and draw better insights. Data insights from multiple channels and digital touchpoints are pulled together to help form a comprehensive understanding of how your user interacts with your brand. It assists every function of your enterprise in creating better-targeted campaigns.

Customer insights are critical in planning business objectives, understanding the pains and motivations of ideal customer personas, analyzing the impact of marketing campaigns, and more.

Tools such as HotJar and Microsoft Clarity help digital teams understand how a customer interacts or progresses across the customer journey on their website. This allows teams to tweak content, improve UI/UX, and run enhanced campaigns to ensure an optimized user experience.

How to Leverage Consumer Engagement Technology

Brands can leverage Consumer engagement technology in various ways to help brands connect with their audience. They can use automated marketing campaigns to send personalized customer messages based on their interests and preferences. Platforms such as CleverTap and ZenDesk help marketers design and run targeted campaigns. 

Rewards and incentives are often used to increase customer loyalty and engagement. Using data and analytics to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences allows brands to tailor their marketing strategies. We recently created an advanced analytics dashboard for our insurance clients to help their sales & marketing teams receive and analyze customer data from multiple sources in one place.

Ultimately, brands can create a more personalized and engaging customer experience by leveraging consumer engagement technology.


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