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Mantra Labs one of the top Industrial Automation Companies in India (2021)

Mantra Labs has been listed as one of the top Industrial Automation Companies to look out for in 2021 (India). This list compiled by Welp Magazine comprises the most innovative tech-startups and established companies transforming the Industrial and Process automation landscape through innovative products and solutions. They are selected by a panel of analysts and industry stalwarts basis the following criteria- 

  • Innovation
    • Innovative ideas
    • Innovative route to market
    • Innovative product
  • Growth
    • Exceptional growth
    • Exceptional growth strategy
  • Management
  • Societal impact

According to a Market Research report by Technavio, the Indian Industrial Automation And Instrumentation Market In India Will Register an Incremental Growth of $2.58 Billion during 2020-2024. This means that India will be the preferred destination for Industrial Automation. A lot of opportunities will open up for Indian IT sector as more companies from abroad would be interested in entering the Indian market. We have an abundance of good talent pool in this sector. This will definitely be a great opportunity for us as well. 

Here’s a simulation of a back office operation using RPA which results in 92% gains over a human effort for the same.

How Mantra Labs impacts the Automation sector

Mantra Labs is an AI-driven Products & Solutions Firm. We design and build Intelligent Experiences for global digital enterprises. Mantra Labs offers three core products for solving the most pressing challenges faced by the industrial sector around — workflow management, process automation, onboarding, leads maximization, customer experience & engagement. Here are some of the products by Mantra Labs which are industry agnostic-

FlowMagic is a visual AI platform for Workflow management to automate and streamline the process . With FlowMagic, one can create, customize, and monitor workflows. It is built to scale across industrial value chains. It comprises pre-built AI-powered applications which can be strung together to execute any workflow.

Lead Conversion Accelerator is an AI-enabled tool that allows to lower lead leakage and maximize capture from the sales funnel for conversion.

Multilingual AI-Powered Chatbot, Hitee allows any industry to fulfill routine customer support tasks via Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) models trained on industry-specific parlance.

“At Mantra Labs, we believe in creating Intelligent Experiences by leveraging technology and design to solve real-world consumer problems that allows our clients to adapt, scale and grow quickly” says Mikhail Mitra, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Mantra Labs. “We are proud to be recognised as a leader in this space.”

About Mantra Labs

Mantra Labs is a global technology development company that builds & designs world class customer-first products through experience strategy consulting, deep tech & engineering services for evolving enterprises.

With a team of 200+ technology tinkerers and experimenters, Mantra Labs is building the Future of Intelligent Experiences for consumer enterprise giants like Ola, Myntra, Quikr & Alkem. Mantra Labs also solves the most pressing front & back-office challenges for leading enterprises in Insurance, Manufacturing and Healthcare sectors like Manipal Hospitals, Suraksha Diagnostics, Alkem Pharmaceuticals, SBI General, Care Health, DCM Shriram, Globalise Inc, AIA Hong Kong & Pramerica among others.

The article can be found here: Top Industrial Automation Companies in India (2021)


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