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Celebrating the Amazing Women at Work: International Women’s Day 2020

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Napoleon Hill once said that Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Reminding all the women at work that they’re amazing and nothing can stop them from accomplishing their dreams, Mantra Labs celebrated International Women’s day at their Bangalore office.

Theme: Express Yourself!

Through this celebration, Mantra conveyed a strong message to every woman in the organization — be who you are and say what you feel. And to make the event a bit playful, we asked women in the room to express themselves in one word and it should start with the first letter of their name.

Ladies expressed themselves as strong, bold, dashing, awesome, and so on and it was really amazing to know how our women feel. 

At Mantra, we strive to inculcate three things in our organizational culture.

Work-life Balance

Women are by-default multi-taskers. They manage both their personal and professional lives so elegantly, that even God wonders its creation. To motivate the spirit, Mantra Labs has crafted policies that allow Flexi-Time office, Independence to work from home, allowing kids at work if required, etc. 

And what is it if it weren’t for a coffee? We have unlimited, 24X7 coffee in the house!

A Platform to Excel

At Mantra Labs, we urge women to identify their inner strengths and provide opportunities to showcase them. Motherhood is a blessing and we make sure that it doesn’t turn into a hassle. A break in the career doesn’t mean one loses its skillset. We believe in providing a platform and an equal chance to women who are on maternity break or have come back from one. They say it takes a village to raise a child. We believe in being a part of that village which enables women to excel in raising future citizens of the country. 

Women at work flourish in a collaborative culture!

Mantra Labs believes in creating a culture of collaboration. From team outings, trekking, clubs, and offsite to arranging fun activities for families, we aim at creating a cohesive work culture where women can share their thoughts and help each other out in personal and professional matters. 

Hey, what’s a party without dance? Towards the end of the celebration, all the lovely ladies let their hair down and danced their hearts out.

Come, join our enthusiastic, dynamic and awesome bunch who bring life to work.

Not just one, but make each day your day! Happy Women’s Day! Cheers!

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We at Mantra Labs believe that design, just as equally as technology, plays an important role in creating an impact for a brand. A lot of work goes into creating a brand and conveying its story. We believe in creating cutting-edge UI/UX that allows our clients to offer intuitive experiences for their customers and creating new value for them.

Our designers take a holistic view of the user’s challenge for every customer-centric project. Along with understanding the company, it’s marketing strategy and communication, a lot of research about the brand and its users goes into the actual design process. We focus on creating practical designs to bring about functional aesthetics for every challenge we solve. 

Design Challenge of the Day

And that’s what we look for in designers. On 29th February 2020 Mantra Labs organized a Designathon event at its Bangalore office looking for young, creative talent. The weekend kick-started on a high note with a great turnout of designers for the ‘Design Challenge of the Day’. The designers were presented with two problems, of which they had to choose one –

  1. Design an intuitive Mobile application for a chain of hospitals used by patients for booking appointments, buy health packages and check reports for themselves or their family.
  2. Design an intuitive Mobile application for airport passengers which can help them by guiding, interacting and engaging them.

Each designer involved was asked to come up with complete wireframes for the process and two screens with visual design, with 3 hours to solve and then present their work. Each person dived straight into the problem and came up with unique and interesting solutions for the given task. While some brainstormed, others took to sketching out their thought process. 

The Stunning UI/UX Designs

Although the design challenge was tough, everyone did an amazing job. However, there was one person who stood apart from the rest. Mr. Alan Aloysius picked the first assignment – mobile application design for a chain of hospitals. While everyone was brainstorming amongst themselves, he sketched out his ideas on the paper. He focused on making the screens for the app and dedicated most of the time for it. Even though the wireframes were not complete, his presentation showed his clear line of thought on flow and visual design. And hence, he was declared the winner and was awarded a certificate and a cash prize of Rs.5000/-. 

Mr. Aravind Raj, who was declared the runner up also picked the first assignment. His strategy was to focus on the wireframes which left him little time for the visual designs. Despite this, he demonstrated a lot of potential through his work. His presentation showcased his confidence, positive attitude and his clear thought process on the design flow. Considering the above points, Mr. Aravind Raj has adjudicated the runner-up and was presented with a certificate.

Post the UI/UX Design Challenge event, all the participants relaxed, networked and helped themselves with some delicious refreshments.

At the event, we saw a lot of creative potential in people. We at Mantra Labs believe in nurturing talent by giving them real opportunities. We believe that good mentoring, dynamic work culture and the right platform helps in the professional and personal growth of an individual. 

If you are looking for a cohesive and vibrant work culture to join, drop in your portfolio at hello@mantralabsglobal.com and we’ll get back to you.

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Knowledge thats worth delivered in your inbox

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