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Transforming Insurance Industry through CX and Insurtech

The insurance industry is a vital component of India’s economy, safeguarding both individuals and businesses. As of 2020, the insurance penetration in India stood at 3.76%, lower than the global average of 7.23%. With a competitive market, customer experience (CX) has become a crucial differentiator. Insurtech companies leverage technologies like AI, ML, and IoT to create personalized and seamless experiences for policyholders and collaborate with traditional insurance companies to help them improve their CX.

Revolutionizing Insurance: Embracing Insurtech for Enhanced Customer Experience

The focus on improving CX has fueled significant growth in the Indian insurance industry. Key trends and challenges include:

Role of Technology and Insurtech in Improving CX

By 2025, the Indian insurtech market is expected to reach $20 billion, with a CAGR of 37% from 2019 to 2025. Insurtech companies adopt a customer-centric approach to business, leveraging data and analytics to simplify the customer journey.

Best Practices for Improving CX in the Insurance Industry

  • Implement cost-effective CX initiatives: Leverage chatbots and virtual assistants to provide personalized assistance to customers and invest in omnichannel platforms.
  • Use data-driven insights: Leverage data and analytics to understand customer preferences and offer personalized products and services.
  • Simplify the customer journey: Streamline processes and provide digital tools and resources, such as online claims tracking and virtual support. For example, Mantra Labs, a tech firm, developed a customer app for SBI General Insurance, which allows customers to easily access their policies, submit claims, and receive personalized insurance advice. The app’s intuitive interface and personalized features have resulted in higher customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Prioritize transparency and trust: Invest in data security and privacy measures to build trust with customers.

Impact of Insurtech Companies on CX

Insurtech companies are reshaping the insurance industry in India, emphasizing customer experience (CX) as a crucial differentiator. To scale up operations and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, it is essential for insurtech companies to adopt a customer-centric approach. By collaborating with insurance firms, these companies are providing personalized recommendations and offering while leveraging technology to streamline and simplify the customer journey.

Recommendations for Insurers Looking to Improve CX

  • Adopt an agile and iterative approach to development: Break down silos between departments, involve customers in the design process, and use data and analytics to continuously improve the customer journey.
  • Integrate legacy systems with new insurtech solutions: Use APIs and microservices to create a flexible and scalable architecture, or partner with insurtech startups specializing in legacy system integration.
  • Partner with service providers for CX improvement: Engage with experts in customer research, design thinking, and user experience design to create seamless and intuitive customer journeys.

By focusing on customer experience and leveraging insurtech, insurance companies can revolutionize their industry, leading to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and differentiation from competitors.


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