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The growing impact of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps

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Change is the need of time and advancement in technology is instrumental to drive innovation. Mediums of interaction with machine changes and calls for developers to be on edge to facilitate digital transformation. By the end of 2020, there’ll be over 6.1 billion smartphone users in the world, which will support almost every cutting-edge technology. In this article, we’ll discuss the growing impact of Artificial Intelligence on mobile apps.

Businesses around the world need a dynamic approach to ensure the best customer experience and AI is helping facilitate this strategy. Whether it is the health or manufacturing industry or logistic processes, Artificial intelligence is making operations and personalization a lot more convenient.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps

Extensive use of AI in mobile applications is becoming a new trend. Artificial intelligence is enabling mobile apps with precise, convertible, accessible, and customized options; thus, enhancing the functionalities and performance.

To avail the maximum benefit of AI in mobile technology, one needs a deeper understanding and right approach to improve mobile app user experience. The following are ways to leverage AI in mobile applications.

1. Accurate results

Artificial intelligence works on large data sets, considering every possibility and mapping. Industries like healthcare, which requires a high degree of precision, can harness AI to deliver accurate results. AI promises greater accuracy in medical diagnosis than traditional manual processes. Thus, while building mobile apps where accuracy is prime, AI can bring many positive solutions.

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2. Real-time forecasting

The integration of AI in mobile apps can help in real-time predictions. There can be multiple activities in a day, which are difficult to keep track of. By keeping track of the schedule, finding a correlation with external environments like traffic, weather, etc. a lot of time and energy can be preserved.

This attribute can be used in education applications to predict current affairs. Not only this, but AI can also help in correcting and formulating emails.

3. Customer experience

Most of the mobile apps are exclusively targeting customers and are designed according to the respective business modules. But, when it comes to customer behavior, every single individual is different from the other. AI can add the advantage of personalization in customer-facing mobile applications. Moreover, this is achievable at scale; i.e. the technology accommodates itself to individual user preferences.

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4. Personalized experiences

Search engines are becoming smarter and they’re incorporating AI and NLP to understand user intent and behavior on their platforms. Similarly, mobile apps can also leverage AI to understand their user and optimize search results based on their objectives. Users need not remember what they searched for a week ago because their app will do it for them. 

AI coupled with augmented reality is the next revolution in mobile apps. Users can get visual causes about the objects in a real-life situation. Apparel, cosmetics, and home decor industries are already deploying this technology to enhance customer experiences.

Final Words

The integration of AI in mobile apps is the need of the hour. The system will take time to evolve, but when it will, we’ll be dwelling into a whole new world of digital experiences. 

This article is contributed to Mantra Labs by Tayla Scurry. 

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